My focus on aesthetics and the avant-garde – Custom Blythe Dolls

My name is Miki. In an ever-faster world, depth is often lost. Terms lose their actual and essential meanings (…). Personally, I have always been interested in the expressive, the magical, the fairytale, the beautiful and the aesthetic. I became aware of the dolls via the hashtag “Custom Blythe Dolls” on Instagram. I immediately fell in love with these Custom Blythe Dolls. After that, a long process began for the professionalization of the artistic confrontation. The dolls I individualize always correspond to fabulous creatures such as witches, fairies or other fairy-tale characters; often mystical, sometimes melancholic – but always magical. The dolls are worked by me with a lot of precision – carved, made-up, lovingly designed and dressed accordingly. They embody my fantasies. The story “Blythe Dolls” is available on Wikipedia. Under the hashtag Custom Blythe Dolls, numerous artists and doll collectors present their unique dolls. For more than 2 years I have been customizing these dolls as a hobby for my private collection. At the end of 2020 I decided to set up my own business and sell my lovingly designed dolls to people in Austria, Germany, the USA, actually all over the world, to whom I can bring a lot of joy with my work. People who see in these dolls what I feel.

The work process

It’s a longer process until a so-called “Custom Doll” is actually ready! It begins with ideas, triggered by inspirations, encounters, lyrics, (…) and ends in this first phase in a concrete imagination. The design is then developed and materials are ordered. Now a production process lasting several days begins: The “Base Doll” is now broken down into its individual parts. The face plate of the doll is sanded off, mouth and nose part is carved, made up, sealed several times. The mechanics are then adapted, the eyes are replaced and many other details are changed.

In the foreground you can see an original Blythe doll, which i have re-individualized. On social media you can find the hashtag “Custom Blythe Doll”. For my dolls I use “different blanks”. The so-called “base doll” is in rarer cases a Blythe doll, usually a special blank. The dolls are sold by me not only in Germany and Austria, but worldwide.