Doll “Fiona“

US $ 1.006,05

Custom Doll
Base Doll: Blank / Factory Doll /TBL
Material: Plastic

Size: 28 cm / 11 in
Body: licca body

Individualized and modified by Miki

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“Fiona was born in the deep dark winter months. She lives with her parents and two brothers north of the Arctic Circle. The landscape there is breathtaking. Snow-covered mountains, dense forests and frozen lakes are Fiona’s home and the place where she has daydreams, plays with her brothers and explores the magical landscape. Everyone loves her. Forest animals, such as snow bunnies, deer or foxes also have a unique relationship with Fiona. Her lovely aura, their good-hearted nature, their magical attraction makes the animals confidential.”

The following changes have been made:
  • polished face
  • carved nose and carved mouth
  • new make-up with high-quality pastel colors
  • multiple sealed with MSC UV-CUT FLAT – fixed with MSC semi-gloss
  • special eye correction
  • four new pairs of eyes and new eye lashes
  • “sleepy eyes” – eyes can be permanently closed

The doll is delivered in a gift box. The box includes: doll with complete outfit (incl. headdress). Not included: Various decorative objects

Please note:
This is a unique, hand-held (and not industrially individualized) artificial doll for adults. This doll is a decorative object for interiors. Please check the doll carefully on the photos before you buy it. Due to different monitor settings, minor color deviations are possible. Be careful with the doll. Excessive touching of the face with bare hands could damage the make-up – despite sealing – over time.

The doll is not suitable for children.

Customs duties, import VAT and other charges for shipments outside the European Union shall be taken over by the buyer on site.

Doll "Fiona“

US $ 1.006,05

1 in stock